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tv_show_claims's Journal

Claim a Television Show
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Claims as of 16th June, 2003

Blatantly stealing the concept from claim_a_movie, claim_character and every other claim community under the sun (thanks to those guys, btw) - this is the LJ Community for you to claim your favorite television show! How this hasn't been done before escapes us!

Shows will be listed in alphabetical order. You may claim any show, from any era, provided you read the rules below and follow them. They aren't difficult. :)

Community Rules:

1) You can claim ONE show. There are exceptions to this. Namely, myself - beautifulcynic. The other two exceptions are donna_c_punk and cinesister...why, you ask? Because they'd kick my ass if I didn't let th-...I mean, because of tireless effort and valuable input they provide. We each get two claims. The saddest thing is I know the shows my esteemed colleagues will claim without having to ask.

2) Made-for-TV movies and mini-series are technically movies...bop on over to claim_a_movie to snag those.

3) This is where it could get ugly. I don't want 17 people all claiming the same show. I'm going to limit it to TWO people being able to claim the same show. And those two people MUST agree to share it. Exceptions: Say you watch... Buffy the Vampire Slayer but you really only liked the first three seasons. You may claim JUST those three seasons, thus leaving the rest open for claimage by someone else. If you're confused, don't worry. It makes sense to me, and I run the joint, so we're cool.

4) No fighting or flaming over shows, please!

5) If you try to claim more than one, I will take the first one as your claim.

6) You are not staking any legal claim on the intellectual property of these shows. This community doesn't intend any infringement.

8) Please feel free to make banners and post them on your sites or in your journals, but remember to either mention us or link back to us. Thanks!

This community is co-maintained by beautifulcynic, donna_c_punk and cinesister . We will do our BEST to update the listing once a week. So if you don't see your name and claim on the list right away, fear not. We're probably just wasting time somewhere else on the Net. ;)

Find out if the show you would like to claim are already taken by clicking HERE (a list will be added after on 8-30-02, after some claims have been submitted). Please do NOT submit claim requests in reply to the listing. Claims that are not submitted in the Journal itself will be ignored.

Thank you!